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Featured calendar    Aug 03, 2023

B Corp Certified | A Commitment to Purpose

Surprise, we're certified! Render's B Corp certification demonstrates our commitment to sustainable and transparent work, creating impact through high standards of social and environmental performance.

We are beyond thrilled to announce our B Corp certification and ongoing commitment to using Render as a force for good. Achieving this certification has been an essential milestone to help Render create impact through sustainable and transparent work. We believe that processes like the B Corp certification are the way of the future. The only way we can do better, and right by others, is to hold ourselves first to the highest standard.

The B Corp certification process verifies that we uphold the standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. This elective certification is granted by the nonprofit B Lab, after a rigorous application, verification, and due diligence process.

As we strive to be leaders who drive impact through innovation, we feel that this accomplishment is a renewed commitment to purpose and impact in the communities we serve. The B Corp verification process has provided Render with an opportunity to reflect on the hard work we’ve put into meeting high sustainability and ethical standards and to shape and direct our future goals.

Learn more about our impact-driven work here

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